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Top sellers

  • LCDisks a9/EU new
    LCDisks a9/EU new

    LCDisks designed by LUCY for Czextruder. The first colored disks in...

    10,99 € vč. DPH
  • LC lubricant
    LC lubricant

    The grease containing PTFE suitable for the extruder's threads extending...

    2,99 € vč. DPH
  • LC blades
    LC handy blade

    Very sharp and rigid branded blade for polymer clay in a practical...

    5,99 € vč. DPH
  • LC minislicer usa
    LC minislicer

    LC Minislicer - easy traveling with. SMART compact tool with great...

    89,99 € vč. DPH

New products

  • Czextreuder XXL AIO 2017
    Czextreuder XXL AIO 2017

    This CZEX XXL "All in One" set includes everything you need for work and...

    169,39 € vč. DPH