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LC Minislicer - easy traveling with. SMART compact tool with great slicing blade ever.

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Summer holiday is coming and a lot of us will travel a lot. Minislicer will help you to keep your polymer clay with you. Minislicer was developed during 5 months and idea came from you, our loving community of clayers.

Minislicer is provided as a toolkit. In few simple steps anybody can build it together and start slicing of polymer clay.

  • Horizontal projection size of Minislicer: 130mm x 170mm
  • Cutting window: 60mm x 40mm
  • Original LC Slicer blade (extremely sharp - watch your fingers !!! )

3D View

LC MiniSlicer in action: 3D animation

For more info about minislicer as well as detail pdf assembly manual see


Mini slocer

I have had this slicer for a while now, and I'm yet to be able to cut a nice slice, is not as easy as it looks, or I'm not doing right. Seam I have to hold the cane as well as the run the blade


LC Minislicer

So far I'm not sure I will keep this slicer. The cuts are not always accurate. Also, I don't think it is so sturdy. The blade has to be helped down or it hits in the wrong place. Anyway, I will keep trying it ... maybe i"m doing something wrong?

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Great video review from Cindy

Video #687: This smaller cousin of the original LC Slicer, is a great choice for those who don’t need all the features of the larger unit.

Today I will be demoing the brand new LC Mini Slicer by Lucy Clay Tools, a company based out of the Czech Republic. This European styled slicer, is designed to evenly cut small to medium sized, unbaked polymer clay canes. It’s much smaller than the regular LC Slicer, and is less than half the price. So it is well suited for those who work with smaller canes… have less storage space… want more portability… or simply just can’t afford the larger model. This tool is sturdy and well designed, though not quite as precise or as versatile as the larger unit. The LC Mini Slicer is currently only available direct from the manufacturer (see link below video), but will be eventually be made available through the other regional distributors at some point. It is good quality and a very useful product to have in your studio.

  • 3 out of 4 people found this review useful.

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LC minislicer usa

LC minislicer usa

LC Minislicer - easy traveling with. SMART compact tool with great slicing blade ever.

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