FAQ - most frequent questions about LC Tools / Store

General questions

Q:What is different between LC Store USA and EU?

A: Because of a higher shipping cost and special wishes of our customers in North America we decided to split our LC Store into two sections (EU/USA-CA). This is much more simple to keep setting for these two different logistic processes. The main reason for direct distribution (from our base in Europe / Czech Republic) came from idea to reduce time to customer, by LC Store USA we can deliver any item to our customers in few days instead of weeks while ordering over local sales partner.

About Czextruder

Q: I have Czextruder ver.1 with M8 thread rod (thinner one) and I would like to get HD version. What to do?

A: Our design is always about possible upgrade option. In this case we have prepared so call czextruder upgrade kit (xl/xxl). You will just need those 3 parts to simply replace your version and get new HD version.

Q: I have LC disks, ready to start with extruding. Where I can get some inspiration how to start with?

A: Lucy has been preparing ebooks and tutorials about czextruder and LC disk. You can find free version on issue web or buy 1$ guides in great graphical version on etsy.

Q: I have great idea about new not yet published/produced pattern of extruding disk. Can you make it for me?

A: That is what we have been looking for. We are eager to cooperate with anybody with great design idea. We can customize your proposals and even branded new issue of LC Disc to your name/brand (e.g. LC Disk #12 / designed by polyclay artist xyz) or make certain batch of disks just for your purpose and you will manage next sales processes. Just let us know ( support@lucyclaystore.com )

About LC Slicer

Q: I have first Slicer yet without EASE module. How can I get it?

A: Since May/2014 all new slicers contain all necessary part, so Ease is included. If you need it extra for your early model just let us know and we will prepare extra order for you. Or you can add note into your order on LC Store and we will add this item into your cart.

Q: I have troubles to properly set up my slicer – to get the slicer blade in proper position with base to avoid any gap between.

A: Please first of all read properly setting instruction. Also video on our LC Tools YTB channel might help. If still problem please do not hesitate to contact us ( support@lucyclaystore.com ) and we will solve your problem.

About Sales and DEMO/PROMO

Q: I would like to be your sales partner, distributor, demo artist. What am I supposed to do?

A: Simply send us your information, links, profile etc. ( support@lucyclaystore.com ) We will get in touch with you asap.

Q: I am a member of polymer clay guild and we would like to make bigger order together. How to proceed that?

A: Simply just let us know ( support@lucyclaystore.com ). If there is a reasonable volume in your order we can prepare special sales condition for you.

About service, warranty

Q: I have problem with setting of my tool. Who can help?

A: First of all please read properly your attached guide. If text is not enough clear watch our instruction/guide on LC Tools YTB channel
Still not clear or missing some info, do not hesitate and contact your sales partner or write us ( support@lucyclaystore.com ) and our technical team will provide all necessary information. If calling to us please be aware about time zone +7h. Email is always much better.

About duty

Q: Is there any Tax, duty while importing from EU/Czech Republic?

A: In your country at custom office there might be certain VAT and/or import duties. You can verify that on dutycalculator.com 
LC Tools belong to so call HS code listed e.g. here http://www.tariffnumber.com/2015_en/82055980.html

Any question missing? You cannot find your topic? Please let us know ( support@lucyclaystore.com ).

We will add most interesting questions on regular basis.  

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