I.  General Business Terms and Conditions

1. The operator of the online store “LC Store USA” is company LC Tools s.r.o (ltd)
Company Registration Number: 018 76 864 
Tax Identification Number: CZ01876864,
based and shipping from street: Zikmunda Wintra 7, city: Plzen 30100, Czech Republic / Europe, phone: +420 602 203 559, e-mail: support@lucyclaystore.com, hereinafter as Seller only.

2. The below specified terms and conditions set out the rights, responsibilities and relationships between Seller and a buyer of the online store “e-shop LC Store USA” which are binding for both sides.

3. The order form stands as a contract of purchase between Seller and a buyer. By sending the order form a buyer undertakes to buy mentioned goods, for quoted price, including transportation cost. At the same time a buyer also acknowledges that he agrees with all business, payment and delivery conditions and also with complaint policy exactly how it is defined in the moment of sending the order.

4. A buyer is obliged to provide exact and truthful information in an order form. An accepted order is confirmed by email, after the processing, with the information about the delivery day. A buyer is obliged to check accuracy of the data in the confirmed order, and if a buyer finds out there is an inconsistence with reality, he must contact Seller without delay and warn him about it.

5. Seller reserves the right to contact a buyer by phone in order to check its order form, especially if there are some inaccurate data. If the ordered goods is unavailable because of sell out, Seller is obliged to inform about delay of supply, and if a buyer will not agree with a compensatory day, he has the right to withdraw.

6. Seller guarantees prices that are valid at the moment of the order. If there is a price change in a period between ordering and delivery, the price that was quoted in the order is valid. Seller reserves the right to cancel the order in case of a mistake in pricing.

7. The buyer has right to cancel the order for any reason before binding confirmation by Seller. After binding confirmation of order only in case that the seller doesn’t meet the delivery conditions. In case of cancelation of confirmed order a buyer is obliged to pay Seller compensation of damage caused by this behavior (Seller exercise his right of compensation of inevitable costs particularly in case of  purchasing custom-made goods or in case that in connection with procuring goods provable costs were expended, such as an useless transport, etc.)

8. Seller has right to cancel the order in case it is no longer possible to deliver the goods or replace it by another one, Seller is obliged to inform a buyer urgently. In case a buyer has already made a payment of a proportion or a whole price and Seller is incapable to assure a supply of ordered goods, Seller must return the whole sum received to date without delay.

9. Seller reserves the right to demand an adequate advance payment from a buyer to avoid risk of not taking the goods. Advance payment applies especially on custom-made goods and the required advance payment cannot exceed 20% of price of goods. Invoice for the advance payment will be issued electronically and sent to a buyer via e-mail (usually with order confirmation), it will consist of all Seller initials including the account number on which the payment must be send. After the whole advance payment is settled, the delivery time starts running. The amount of settled advance payment will be subtracted from the total price of goods on delivery and a buyer will be given the final invoice.

10. A purchase price of goods is considered to be paid after having the whole amount on Seller’s bank account or paying in cash to a driver on delivery.

11. The invoice stands also as a delivery note. A buyer can take goods after paying the whole amount, unless agreed otherwise.

12. By filling in the order form of the online store “e-shop LC Store USA” a buyer gives an agreement to collect and archive personal information and his purchases. Seller undertakes that he will protect all customers’ personal information from misuse and that he will not provide them to the third party.              

II. Payment terms (ways of payment)

1. Bank / Paypal transfer before delivery In case of a bank transfer / Paypal a buyer will receive a pro forma for the whole price of goods via email. Pro forma will consist of all Seller initials including the account number on which the payment must be send. After the total price of goods is settled, Seller will issue the final invoice and the delivery time starts running. For these payments we use Paypal system…refer to paypal@lctools.cz III. Delivery conditions 1. A delivery place is a buyer´s address quoted in the confirmed order.

2. The goods will be sent via Fedex Express, TNT etc. depending on its type and size. A carriage will be invoiced depending on a value of the order, a delivery place and a chosen shipping delivery service.

3. A delivery date of goods depends if the goods is a store-in item or a custom-made one. After acceptance of every order a confirmation of delivery date is sent to a buyer.

4. As LC Store is based in Europe - Czech Republic, shipping to non EU countries might be exposed to TAX/Duty process. At custom office there might be certain VAT and/or import duties. You can verify that on dutycalculator.com when LC Tools belong to so call HS code listed e.g. here http://www.tariffnumber.com/2015_en/82055980.html . 
E.g. as far as we know value of order over 800USD in USA is usually charged (Tax/Duty) by 4% from the total goods value plus some admin fees. Unfortunatelly we can not influence such process anyhow.

III.  Legal guarantee period 

1. The legal guarantee covers manufacturing defects or other defects, which were not caused by unprofessional or inconsiderate handling, by using a product in a conflict with its purpose or a product manual, and by a mechanical damage or wearing it out or by natural disasters.

2. According to the Civil Code there is a 12 month guarantee period for final customers. The period starts running on the delivery date.

3. Guarantee period for enterprise subjects (businessman, legal persons…) is according to the Civil Code 6 months from the delivery date.

IV.  Complaint policy

1. Possible complaints are processed in compliance with the Civil Code and Consumer protection law. In case of making a claim a buyer is obliged to enclose/attach a copy of proof of purchase.

2. In case of damage caused during transport, the responsibility is on the transporter. If the packaging is damaged at the time of acceptance of goods from a delivery service, a buyer will draw up a complaint record with a transporter. In this case, a buyer has the right to reject the goods. If a buyer accept a damaged or an incomplete shipment and confirms with his signature that a shipment was accepted without damage, his later claims will not be taken into consideration.

3. Withdrawal from a contract concluded using long-distance communication means: If a buyer is a consumer (not an enterprise subject) he has a right in compliance with the Civil Code to withdraw from a contract without any reason and return the goods within 14 days from delivery date. If a buyer decides to return the goods within the mentioned period, he has to send the goods back within 14 days from delivery date (determining is the date of dispatch) under these conditions: Before returning goods it is necessary to inform Seller and agree on a way of returning. An original proof of purchase must be enclosed. A written withdrawal from a contract including the number of the order must be delivered to Seller (or reason of returning the goods). Goods must not be used. Goods must not be damaged or depreciated in another way. Goods must be complete including all labels and other accessories Goods must be well packed to protect it against damage during transport. It is not possible to send goods back via cash on delivery. These shipments will be rejected and send back to a sender. If all the above mentioned conditions are observed, money will be returned back to a buyer, except for transportation costs and manipulation fees, within 30 days from the acceptance of goods. In case of not observing the above mentioned conditions, Seller cannot accept the withdrawal from the contract and goods will be sent back to a sender with all cost.

We believe that you will be satisfied with our services.
Because you read properly these terms and conditions till the end as a thanks there is a free code/voucher you can use in your order/shopping cart one time only by one registration. By inserting these voucher code:   x2Bod71Ws   you will get free gift from us. Just try it.

Yours sincerely,
e-shop LC Store USA team


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