What you can find here on LUCY CLAY STORE?

You’ll find here premium quality tools for work with polymer clay. Our major flagship products include Czextruder, LC Slicer and LC Machines.

Czextruder was introduced at the end of 2012 and quickly found its place on the market. To this day, Czextruder is being sold not only in Europe but also in USA, Canada, Australia or Israel. It was also continuously upgraded to its new and final version HD (Heavy duty - since 2014) with unbreakable trapezoidal threaded rod.  You can read more information about Czextruder at its official product page www.czextruder.com

Our second main product is LC Slicer (since 2013). It’s designed from scratch by LC Tools team and by our customers, whom we thank for their ideas and comments. LC Slicer is a robust tool for cutting precise slices of polymer clay. For more information about LC Slicer please visit www.lucyclayslicer.com (pages to be yet improved )

LC Tools ltd. also offers variety of accessories for such products. We put great emphasis on the feedback from our customers and we make and adapt our products according to your requirements.

That’s why we go by “Designed for you”.

What else is missing in our polymer clay product portfolio?

In 2015 our LC Team prepared few additional accessories for czextruder and slicer.

And in 2016 LC Machines were born. More info about such great professional tool can be found on www.lucyclaymachine.com

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Enjoy your visit and shopping

Yours LC Tools/Store team

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